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Atlanta Dental Implants

Atlanta dental implantIf you are missing a tooth, it might have a big effect on your life. It might make you less likely to smile and show off your teeth to people, and you may come across as less confident. Missing a tooth also means it can be harder to eat and can damage your other teeth. Luckily, with modern dental procedures, missing a tooth does not have to be permanent!

The solution to a missing tooth is dental implants. A dental implant from our Atlanta dentists is a procedure that can be done by a dentist to replace a missing tooth down to the root. First, an artificial root is buried in the gum to act as an anchor for a prosthetic tooth. Then, a tooth can be attached to this root.

There are many advantages to dental implants over other methods of replacing missing teeth. Our Atlanta dental implants are as close as possible to a natural tooth. The fact that it is anchored the same way a real tooth is means that it can mimic a tooth almost exactly. It does not rely on neighboring teeth for support, and will not be more prone to falling out than any other tooth.

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Dental implants also feel much better than other fake teeth. An anchor makes the tooth feel solid and natural, just like a real tooth. It will be hard to tell the difference between the fake tooth and the real ones next to it while chewing or talking!

Dental implants are a revolutionary way to bridge the gap left by a missing tooth. If you have lost a tooth, this is the best way to get back to exactly the way you were before the loss. With one simple procedure, you can go back to having teeth that look and feel natural.

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