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Porcelain Veneers In Atlanta

dental veneers in AtlantaHaving a perfect smile was once just a dream for many individuals. There were some people who never had a breath taking smile and have to face the world with chipped, uneven, yellow or even dark colored teeth. But cheer up! With the modern cosmetic dentistry we have today, the impossible is now very much possible.

A dental veneer from our Atlanta dentist office is a kind of cosmetic alteration that implements thin, semi-transparent coverings that are made of porcelain and are permanently bonded to the patients teeth. Veneering is a great procedure that helps improve your teeth’s appearance. So, what are the major benefits of having dental veneers?

Trouble Free and Effortless Application

This procedure just involves bonding the custom designed material to your with just a little anesthesia. You can even have more than one tooth covered at a time so it is a fast procedure with instant results that are quite remarkable.

Lasting Color

While some dental applications tend to fade over time, veneers will not discolor as time passes due to their resistance to stains.

Resistant To Fractures

Even though porcelain is known to be quite brittle, it becomes quite strong when attached to the tooth.

Relatively Cheaper

Resin fillings, traditional braces and crowns used to dominate the cosmetic dentistry industry but now with dental veneers, you have more choices available that serve the same purpose. Veneers are much more cheaper than the rest.

Video About Dental Veneers

Anybody who wishes to change the looks of their teeth should really consider the benefits that come with dental veneers. Veneers will make you achieve a very beautiful and perfectly natural smile. Ideally, they last for years if you give them regular proper care. Your dentist will also be happy to discuss the processes involved in the application of dental veneers as well as all the cosmetic dental options that are suitable for you.