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Sedation Dentistry Atlanta

Atlanta Sedation DentistryWhile some people enjoy their regular checkups and teeth cleaning at the dentist, many more dread the discomfort they expect to experience. Sedation dentistry may be the answer to fear of dental visits and procedures, and it is being offered by many clinics these days, including our Atlanta family dentists.

There are varying levels of sedation that can be used for different levels of fear. Some patients need only moderate sedation during which they feel relaxed and experience less stress. If an invasive procedure is scheduled, the same patient may need moderate or even deep sedation to allow the dentist to work without the patient becoming agitated.

Dentists who offer sedation dentistry to their patients must be specifically trained in the procedure. The level of sedation should be appropriate for the patient, their level of fear and how invasive or serious the planned procedure is.

Video About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation is delivered to the patient via pharmacological drugs, and can be in the form of gas, intravenous solution or in the form of a pill that is taken about an hour before the procedure is scheduled. The drugs are typically classified as sedatives, and work to depress the central nervous system.

While most people that visit the dentist these days have had primarily good experiences with oral care, others have had traumatic or extremely painful experiences in their past. These are individuals who avoid seeking dental treatment even when they are feeling pain or have developing decay. These people are more likely to seek needed dental treatment when they are able to have sedation to help them relax and feel less pain. Unfortunately, most insurers do not cover the procedure even though they will pay for anesthesia to numb the procedure area. Sedation dentistry is safe, but patients should not drive themselves home after moderate or higher sedation.